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Mediumship is an integral part of Spiritualism. It distinguishes Spiritualism as a religion from all other religions. Spiritualism emphasizes a belief in and teach a life hereafter. As we pass from the physical world to the spiritual world, we maintain our individuality and our personality in accordance with Natural Law.  

Mediumship is the manifestation that demonstrates that life is one continuous whole. The responsibility for this communication rests on the medium.

Mediumship is a process by which an individual acts as a channel for the spirit influences. It rests on the ability of human instruments to attune themselves to the vibration of the spirit people and through peculiar chemical properties of their physical bodies to produce the ectoplasm necessary for the manifestation of physical phenomena.

The National Spiritualist Association of Churches defines a medium as one whose organism is sensitive to vibrations from the Spirit World and through whose instrumentality intelligences in that world are able to convey messages and produce the phenomena of Spiritualism.

Mediumship has been divided into two classes: mental and physical. In developing any phase of mediumship, the responsibility rests heavily with the individual. Ignorance of the laws of nature that control the phenomena is dangerous. Mental phenomena are dependent upon the impressibility of the mind of the medium, while physical phenomena depend upon the chemical reaction of the body. The difference between mental and physical phases of mediumship is one of quality of vibration. 

Those who serve as mediums in Spirit Light NSAC are involved in a formal course of study from either the Morris Pratt Institute of the Center for Spiritualist Studies. They sit on a weekly basis in a closed development circle.

A development circle is available for those who wish to begin their study of mediumship and its fundamental practices and knowledge. This is not a closed circle. However, attendance in the circle is approved by Shirley Williams.

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Shirley Williams

Shirley Williams is an approved mental medium and Minister. She has completed the Morris Pratt course of study and has been enrolled in the Center for Spiritualist Studies program as well as the Arthur Findlay College in the U.K. She is an accomplished and sensitive medium. Knowledgeable  in all the phenomena of Mediumship, she especially enjoys her role as a Medical Intuitive. Shirley teaches mediumship skills and is in charge of the circles. She maintains a private practice and can be reached at 713.451.4476.


Christienne Melinder MH is a sensitive psychic medium. Christienne is a healer and has completed the Mediumship Program in the School of Transformation and Healing. She practices in Southwest Houston. She can be reached at 713.826.6542.

Stefani Callihan

Stefani is a talented psychic medium. She is a graduate of the School of Transformation and Healing as a healer, a teacher of healing, and a mental medium. Stefani has also studied trance channeling at the Arthur Findlay College for mediums in England.  Although she no longer lives in this area nor does she give messages in the meeting, she like the other mediums is available for individual consultation.


Pam Randall BA is an experienced psychic-medium. She has completed the Mediumship program through the School of Transformation and Healing. Join us Wednesday evenings and enjoy her skills and knowledge. She can be reached at Spirit Struck (spiritstruck@comcast.com/

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